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The Grill – An Indepth Business and Politics Show Debuts on LCCMedia

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The jobs revolution is coming ….. Malik Chukwudi

Meant to be an avenue for in depth questions and answers, the Grill debuted on Wednesday without much fanfare. Malik Chukwudi was our premier guest and as you would notice in the video posted below, it started fifteen minutes late because our guest was late and it ended prematurely also because our guest had technical difficulties.

Malik Chukwu never wanted to run for office, he assumed he could make a change by working for the church to tackle the problems of homelessness in the city. Over time, he learnt that high office is the place to tackle the problem of waste  and infrastructural deficits in the city. Passionate about tourism and forward looking street designs, Malik is definitely a candidate with out of the box ideas. One of the first things a peo-business Mayor Malik will do is to brand the city of Edmonton  like London, Naples, Paris and Madrid. Malik feels he can bring more jobs into the city through green energy. Watch it here!

The Grill is on every Wednesday at 8pm on Youtube: Ladies Corner Canada and Facebook:

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