The Grill with Shamair Turner
Edmonton Elections

The Grill with Shamair Turner

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Lifelong Edmontonian and first generation Canadian Shamair Turner took questions about her priorities. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Business, Economics and Law from the University of Alberta. Turner has built a career over the last 16 years working as a Commercial Insurance Broker and RisK Manager.

She is clearly a progressive candidate who has been endorsed by Climate Justice Edmonton and Edmonton & District Council.

An intersectional candidate who understands what is at stake in this election for the city and her ward, she was endorsed by Public Intellectual and Associate Prof of Law Ubaka Ogbogu earlier this week on a show with LCCMedia.

Midway through, we lost Turner momentarily… you will find the entire discourse illuminating if you are passionate about Edmonton city issues…Advance voting on now… please go and vote!


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