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Premier Jason Kenney optimistic for Alberta after resignation announcement

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LCCMedia was delighted to receive  a press release from the Office of the Premier as part of the ongoing work with the Outreach and Communications Team to work with ethnic media outlets across Alberta.

We are classed as ethnic media even though we cover Alberta and we speak and write in English.

As our readers would know, we are an independent media company, and unfortunately, we lack the resources to attend every press conference or be at every event.

Till we can find a way to be sustainable, much of our work will revolve around working with press releases like the one that landed in our inbox at exactly 21:18 tonight.

The cabinet meeting held at the McDougall Centre in Calgary is the first time the Premier has addressed the media since his shock resignation on Wednesday.

“As we get on doing the people’s business, we have a lot of important work in front of us following the vote from the leadership review earlier this week. As you know, I indicated my attention to step aside as United Conservative Party leader”.

The Premier sought to reassure Albertans that he would stay till a new leader is found.

He said: “I’ll be leaving as soon as the party’s elected a new leader, and
that date will be up to the leadership election organizing committee.  For me, that’s the most important thing”.

“This is a critical time in Alberta’s history. We are determined to keep our eye on the ball, to continue to lead Canada in economic growth the job creation, to keep our commitments, to fight for a stronger Alberta”.

“Just last week, we won a historic victory at the Alberta Court of Appeal in the central part of our strategy for a stronger Alberta, which was the four to one decision striking down Justin Trudeau’s No More Pipelines pipelines law, Bill C-69”.

He focussed on some of the highlights of his most recent accomplishments.

“I am working to get as many Canadian provinces and key organizations representing First Nations, businesses and others who care about the future of Canada’s economy to support us as we go to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“I’ll be doing that next week at the Western Premiers Conference in Regina. I’ll be continuing to promote our government’s national leadership on knocking down domestic trade barriers at the New West Partnership Trade Agreement Summit next week”.

“I’ll also be taking these messages to the Council of Federation in Victoria in July.”

It seems with Premier Jason Kenney; it is back to business as usual. He has mapped out a road map, as far as we know, the Premier is back at work. For Albertans.


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