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Getting to Know Abudul Malik Chukwudi | Yeg Mayoral Candidate

Climate change is real ,although the left and the right chose to politicize it and it shouldn’t be,just like anything once you politicize it ,consensus on that very issue goes out the window. 
The oil and Gas sector has long suffered a negative reputation- traditional extraction and production methods have contributed heavily to Canada’s footprint through the emission of methane gas and other air pollutants. 

I will say this : As for E and P – Exploration and Production companies and CleanTech startup are working with oil and Gas industry to fix these issues.

There are 4 ways to make Oil and Gas industry Greener.

Decrease fresh water usage – use Air drilling Techniques or Underbalanced drilling using Nitrogen 

2.Increaase transparency through data

3.Optimizing recycling Programs 

4.Streamlining and Improving Processes 

I will close by saying this , CleanTech is NOT simply meant to make the Oil and Gas industry Greener,it is also meant to make the industry better.

Edmonton Mayoral Candidates Forum
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Edmonton Mayoral Candidate Forum | Watch it here!

LCCMedia hosts a forum of Edmonton’s mayoral candidates. They are:Kim Krushell, Amarjeet Sohi, Cheryll Watson, Michael Oshry, Abdul Malik Chukwudi, Rick Comrie, Augustine Marah, Diana Steele, Mike Nickel and Brian Breezy Gregg.

Moderated by Mary Thomas, we are grateful to Mr Sohi, Mr Brin (Breezy) Gregg, Diana Steele, Cheryll Watson, Michael Oshry, Kim Krushell, Rick Comrie, Abdul Malik Chukwudi for their presence at the Forum tonight.

Watch it here!