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Adeline Panamaroff

Rosehip Jelly | Adeline Panamaroff

Rosehip Jelly | Adeline Panamaroff

Rosehips are the fruit that roses make after they flower and lose their petals. From my days in Girl Guides, I learned that rosehips are a good trail food with their large amount of vitamin C.

My Granny, during the hard war years, once used rosehips as a vitamin supplement for her own child. Only once I started to explore the world of wild edibles did I look again at the rosehip as an ingredient for jelly. 

Wild or domesticated roses can be sourced for their rosehips from August to October. After a light frost, they are even sweeter, so waiting for later in the growing season maybe even better. Wild roses can be found throughout natural green spaces, as undergrowth in treed areas. Domesticated roses can be found in landscaped public parks.

Highbush Cranberry Sauce

Highbush cranberry sauce | Adeline Panamaroff

My Granny deeply loved her highbush cranberries. They were taken from root cuttings that she found along the highway between her small prairie town and the border city to which she made an annual trip. (In order to see her parents.)

She prized this late August-early September fruit so much that once she had her fill of them, she invited trusted friends to share in the bounty.

Adeline Panamaroff joins the team as a weekly urban food columnist.  She has long had a passion for urban food foraging, food preservation and storage.

Chokecherry Jelly | By Adeline Panamaroff

Chokecherry jelly was a staple in my Granny’s kitchen. Along with pin cherry jelly, it would appear on the breakfast table to spread over our toast when we came to visit. It can be a great filler for jelly rolls or thumbprint cookies.

It can also be mixed in with other fruits to make things like chokecherry/apple butter. (I made this a few years ago.)

This fruit tree is ubiquitous in the Edmonton area and under-utilized by the average forager, so it should be easy to acquire fruit for yourself. There is also a domesticated variety with dark purple leaves.

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