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The Spotlight with Mather Fox | Business, Beauty and Confidence

The Spotlight with Mather Fox | Business, Beauty and Confidence

My name is Mather Fox born and raised in Zimbabwe. I am an Independent Beauty Advisor/Confidence Coach.  For 13 years I have been helping women build their confidence by helping them to look and feel good about themselves. I work with one of the largest skincare and cosmetics companies in the world.

My journey started in 2006 just 18 months after I arrived in Canada. My marriage broke down a year prior to that. I regretted leaving all my family and friends back in Africa. I found myself all alone and abandoned in a foreign land. That was one of the most miserable moments of my life.

My confidence and self-esteem were shattered. I contemplated going back to Africa. But something amazing happened, I met an amazing woman. She was a beauty Consultant who came to my house. She was well dressed and looked very confident, happy and successful. The 40 minutes I spent with her changed my whole life.

She gave me a beauty experience I will never forget. I fell in love with the products immediately and became a client right away. That day I made a decision to follow in her footsteps. I became an Independent Beauty Consultant in training 3 days later. There were some challenges with the decision I had made, I did not have a car and I didn’t know many people and had no experience.  How was I going to do this? The truth was, my desire to change my life was greater than my fears and setbacks.

I have never looked back since. I hardly recognise the woman I was then with the woman I have become. My self-esteem and confidence have grown tremendously. Years later I remarried and my husband is very supportive of my business, for that I am so grateful.

I understand the struggles women face because I have travelled that road before. I am so passionate about offering a helping hand to those who need it. I run a beauty studio where the ladies enjoy a free hand, lip and face treatment and light make up. I also provide free foot spas, the ladies come to unwind, relax and enjoy themselves without being pressured to buy. I also do home parties where someone hosts a beauty party in their own home with 3-6 friends. It’s a great bonding moment for families and friends. Plus, the hostess, she gets some free goodies from me.

If you have trouble believing in yourself and lack confidence regardless of what business you want to do contact me for free advice. I have helped around 100 women start their own business offline and online.

I am totally in love with the products since I started using them 13 years ago. I use the products from head to toe. I start my day by using a cleanser. Cleansing helps to remove impurities and dirt followed by a day cream that helps to moisturise my skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. Before going out I make sure my skin is protected by a foundation. A foundation shields my skin from impurities, toxins and dirt. Before applying my foundation I use a foundation primer that has sun protection in it. I then apply eye and lip makeup if I need to. Twice a week I use a scrub to get rid of dry dead skin. To experience our luxurious products and learn more skincare tips you can book your own skin consultation plus 30 minutes of free pampering with no pressure to buy.

 Building my clientele from zero in Edmonton to hundreds of clients all over Canada has been one of my successes in this business. I combine traditional and online marketing tools to grow my customer and team base. Helping people find the products that work well with their skin is truly an achievement. The smile on my client’s faces, the joy of helping another woman look and feel good about herself is priceless. Empowering other women to live their dream despite the challenges of life is very rewarding to me.  Watching a woman grow their confidence in themselves and achieve great success is truly what makes this business worthwhile. We are changing lives one woman at a time, to me that’s a huge success.

I have learnt so many valuable tips in my business. The most important tip I have learnt in this business is to have faith and belief in God, myself, the products and the business opportunity. I have learnt the importance of empowering others. When we help people get what they want we automatically get what we want. This I have learnt also, humble beginnings can lead to greater things, Start small, make mistakes and that’s ok because you figure it out if you keep going. My greatest tip is once you figure out what you really want, start and never quit.

On my youtube channel Excel, I encourage you to watch my 7-minute video titled “Why I am helplessly in love with what I do.”

If you are looking for help to start your own journey but you lack the confidence to do it I encourage you to watch “Building confidence to achieve success” I look forward to your questions and feedback.

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If you are curious to know more about what I do as a Beauty Advisor or as a Confidence Coach you can contact me on 4033505052,

Thanks for reading up to the end.

Mather Fox Independent Beauty Advisor/Confidence Coach from Edmonton



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