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Virgin Verses and other Poems by Emeka Mbah

Virgin Verses | Poetry by Chukwemeka C.Mbah

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Virgin Verses

My verses are virgin never been said

My stanzas are maiden never been heard

They cheer like beer, making many glad

Drowning the flood from the eyes of the sad

My diction is distinct, simple and true

My lines run on pun, romantic and blue

Rhythmic rhymes refreshing as due

Specially brewed by me for you




I’m often repeated and hardly defeated

Could be good, bad or ugly

It all depends on what you make of me

I run full course when fully encrypted

I am Habit


I can make you soar sky high

As well as fuel your eyes to cry

Can lead you to great profit

Or lie you down underneath

It’s still me Habit


A friend to both the achiever and mediocre

The very small stream that makes a river

What’s your flavour? I make and mar

Can keep you redundant or take you far

Call me Habit

Be firm with me and you’ll achieve a great feat

Be easy with me and you’ll be wasted six feet




It’s best done later and not now

Tomorrow will be perfect I can vow

Why yoke yourself like a laden cow?


The cloud is heavy and ready to snow

Be merry with life and take it real slow

And in observing the cloud you didn’t sow


Alas the seed dies with its great potential

Buried with a would have been credential

The plan became an aborted mission

Because procrastination stole the vision





You are one of the reasons

Why they inflate their quote

If you had seized the seasons

Good men could have had your vote


You are one of the reasons

Why our sweet land has gone sour in waste

Here is one of your multiple treasons

You aid corruption just to suit your taste


You are one of the reasons we wedge weighty wrath

Bombs daily detonate like fickle fireworks far north

You decided to do nothing but shut your mouth

So they took our weary sail south


You are one of the reasons the land is inflicted with rape

Overflowing in abundance yet you mong like a greedy ape

Alas our land is grey and old but not due

And it hurts me to know that I am also you.



The land is green

But unclearly seen

The deserts may dare to encroach

Human hustle may threaten to reproach

Yet we must fight for nature even beyond the seas

Together we can replant a greener world and build tall trees

Wedge the flood and erosion, keep the deserts at bay

For the love of the green life plant a tree today

The land could be green

And could be clearly seen





Hear the travails of a single mother 

Traded her heaven for love 

But hopes and dreams short-lived and ran 

Now she cries out to every woman 

Beware of a promising young man 


He promised to move me mountains 

He vowed to spring forth like fountains 

At my faintest whisper when in need 

And called on cupid to strike him stupid 

If he is short of a word or letter in his creed 


He stands and mopes as though lost in lust 

It is vanity to yearn and lust over dust 

He calls my left keg wonderful 

And the right he christened as powerful 

Both boobs he called beautiful 


He said the sun rises in my glittering eyes 

That heaven is hid between my very thighs 

And will persevere till he finally makes it to heaven 

He spoke sweet sounding sermons as time ticked eleven 

Words like fetters, held hostage a lass due home for seven 


He said my presence did make him shiver 

And for my absence, he’ll cry me a river 

If only I would be his all in one miss 

He’ll treat me to a night of ceaseless kiss 

And our ever after will be made of an endless bliss 

Little did I know that the name I bore was a loan

Soon I’ll be striped of the same and left to moan alone 

From my heaven he’s got saints numbering up to seven 

Deserted in this lonely cold night as time ticked eleven 

He’s abandoned me and all the saints in search for a new heaven




Chukwemeka C. Mbah is a journalist who has worked with the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) and other leading media organisations. He sent his anthology from his base in Regina, SK.

We often feature poetry. 


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