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Alberta Invests in BIPOC communities

Alberta’s Investment in Diverse Community Projects across Alberta

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Alberta’s government is investing $1.9 million to help non-profit organizations deliver 50 community projects across Alberta.

The Community Initiatives Program Project-Based grant stream provides funding to organizations creating opportunities for Albertans to engage with their communities. Funding supports community projects such as new or one-time initiatives, new or enhanced programs and community events. Funding can support project needs such as wages for new positions, event hosting costs, vehicle purchases, website development, marketing and technology, and office equipment.

“Building strong communities builds a stronger Alberta. Continued investment in the Community Initiatives Program enables non-profits to deliver critical social, recreational and cultural programs that enrich our communities. These diverse community projects benefit Albertans in countless ways by reducing social isolation, fostering community connectivity and supporting local economic growth.”

Projects must address an immediate community-identified need and demonstrate broad community involvement and impact that includes diverse groups. Projects are also prioritized for funding based on:

  • economic benefits to the community
  • project readiness, including plans for changes to public health guidelines
  • project viability and organizational sustainability

To date, the program has approved 108 projects totalling $4 million for the current fiscal year.

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