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Workforce Partnership Program

New Workforce Partnerships get Albertans back to work

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Alberta’s government is funding projects that give Albertans the tools to find good jobs and employers the skilled workers they need.

A $1.53-million investment under the Workforce Partnerships program will support 16 projects that will spur economic growth and diversification and build a skilled and diverse workforce.

Workforce Partnerships Program

The Workforce Partnerships Program supports industries to build and develop their workforce. It is designed to support projects with industry sectors with knowledgeable workforce needs.

Examples of Workforce Partnerships Program activities

  • Researching and analyzing labour market trends.
  • Developing strategic plans to prepare for future skill requirements and prevent skills shortages.
  • Promoting current labour market needs or heightening awareness of labour market issues such as attracting and retaining under-represented groups.
  • Sharing best practices in human resource development.

The Projects are: 

  • Labour Market Intelligence Study (Alberta Biotechnology Association, or Bio Alberta)
    • A first-time labour market intelligence study explicitly focused on Alberta’s pharmaceutical and life sciences sector.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Beyond Licensing: Pathways to Commercial Truck Driving for Inexperienced Drivers (Alberta Motor Transport Association)
    • Raise awareness about employment opportunities in trucking and provide employers with tools to hire newly licensed, inexperienced drivers.
    • Grant amount: $92,000
  • Return on Training Investment for Alberta Employers (Canadian Apprenticeship Forum)
    • Calculate the return on training investment for Alberta employers who invest in apprenticeship for three in-demand trades. This includes assessing actual costs and quantifying the associated benefits and impacts from an employer perspective.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Seismic Sector Labour Market Research (Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors)
    • Identify the seismic sector’s critical human resource issues, provide a complete understanding of recruitment and retention issues, assess effective strategies to address recruitment and retention, and examine workforce demand as well as training and retraining issues.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Development of Resources for Environmental Inspection (Canadian Energy Pipeline Association Foundation)
    • Develop an occupation profile and a career roadmap for environmental construction inspection.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Pilot Pipeline Project (Edmonton Flying Club)
    • Aims to create a pipeline of career-ready pilots to meet the hiring needs of partners.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Hydrogen Labour Market Research Project (Edmonton Global)
    • Map the current capacity and capability of Alberta’s potential hydrogen labour market and determine the knowledge, skills and abilities required for workers and organizations to address gaps, leverage opportunities, and effectively transition into the new hydrogen economy.
    • Grant amount: $75,000
  • Peer Learning Hub (Electricity Human Resources Canada)
    • Develop an online learning hub that brings together human resource practitioners in the electricity industry to increase and enhance workforce participation of newcomers, youth, Indigenous peoples, women, mature workers and people living with a disability.
    • Grant amount: $98,800
  • Virtual Reality Career Insight Project (Elevate Aviation Ltd.)
    • Takes commonly recognized careers and demonstrates how they can be reimagined as careers inside the aviation industry.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Alberta’s Growing Environmental Workforce (Environmental Careers Organization of Canada)
    • Help diversify Alberta’s environmental workforce by producing, distributing and encouraging the use of demographic data and developing resources for underrepresented groups and the organizations that support them.
    • Grant amount: $96,950
  • Driving Innovation and Growth in Rural Alberta (Information and Communications Technology Council)
    • A study to understand the emerging labour market and skill needs in rural Alberta driven by increasing digitization across industries.
    • Grant amount: $96,982
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Energy Workforce (PetroLMI – A Division of Energy Safety Canada)
    • Support employer efforts to expand the composition and numbers of their workforce through attraction and retention initiatives focusing on diversity and inclusion.
    • Grant amount: $98,800
  • Retail Labour Market Study (Retail Council of Canada)
    • A study addressing labour market supply and demand, labour and skills gaps, successful worker attraction and retention approaches and workforce planning to help ensure the retail industry has the workers it needs.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Supply Chain Trends: Adopting Digitization and its Impact on Skills (Supply Chain Management Association, or Supply Chain Canada)
    • Promote and heighten awareness of current labour market needs with a study of labour market trends within the Alberta supply chain sector and its value chains related to three key economic sectors: energy and cleantech, aviation and logistics, and agriculture.
    • Grant amount: $98,490
  • Workforce Study (Western Retail Lumber Association)
    • Support small communities across Alberta with a labour market intelligence study to identify skills gaps to attract diverse workers into Alberta’s retail forest products/building construction/supply subsector.
    • Grant amount: $100,000
  • Wood Industry Career Awareness Campaign for Newcomers/Equity Groups (Wood Manufacturing Council)
    • Address the critical need for workers in wood manufacturing, including skilled and semi-skilled workers, using a career awareness campaign to attract newcomers, Indigenous peoples, youth, women and mature workers.
    • Grant amount: $73,250

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