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The Civil Society Fund | Alberta news

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Alberta’s government is investing an additional $6 million through the fund to help address challenges Albertans are facing in the wake of the pandemic, including homelessness, unemployment, domestic violence and sexual violence.

Funding is intended to help civil society transform how community organizations function, innovate and work together to address pressing social challenges.

Any eligible Alberta organization with an innovative project supporting social recovery or increasing economic participation for Albertans is encouraged to apply. Information on how to submit a funding application is available on

The application deadline is Sept. 2.

The Civil Society Fund is part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan to harness the power of civil society post-pandemic.

The $20-million fund is intended to leverage the existing strengths of civil society to better address social problems and improve support for Albertans.

Organizations can apply for a one-time grant for projects building civil society’s capacity to support social recovery and inclusive economic participation for Albertans.

The Civil Society Fund (CSF) provides $20 million over 3 years to expand civil society’s capacity to address social problems facing Albertans.

Civil society includes non-profit and voluntary organizations, registered charities, informal groups or movements pursuing shared interests or values, and private-sector organizations and individuals pursuing social good.

Civil society plays a critical role in the well-being of Albertans and contributes significantly to Alberta’s economy.

The intent of the CSF is to support transformational change and improve how civil society organizations function and work together to address pressing social challenges.

CSF funding is one-time only. Funding will not be provided to support the ongoing delivery of social programs and services or routine operational requirements of organizations.

CSF funding is also time-limited.

Successful applicants will have 24 months from the date of the grant agreement to complete their grant activities.

Eligible applicants can request up to $500,000 for their project. Proposals may be approved at a lesser amount than what was requested.

Quick facts

  • The Civil Society Fund provides $20 million over three years for projects that build civil society’s capacity to address pressing social challenges.
  • Eligible applicants include registered non-profit organizations (including post-secondary institutions), First Nations and Metis Settlements. Other organizations may be project partners.
  • In Year 1, the government received 489 applications and 21 projects totalling $7 million were approved.
  • In Year 2, the government received 295 applications and 37 projects totalling $7 million were approved.

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