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Whats’s Trending? | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.

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Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to report that ‘armpit hair is back’ and how ‘even trendy razor companies are backing off from the clean shave’. 

And that’s not all that’s trending right now.

A simple search on Google provides a plethora of options,  from the 100 top trends impacting 2022 using real-time consumer data to marketing research and insights. 

Then there’s the latest buzz in pop culture, news, interviews, photos, and videos.

By example, regardless of whether you are familiar with the NETFLIX phenomenon ‘Selling Sunset’, wherein selling real estate in the Los Angeles market can be glorious; apparently, information about cast members’ personal lives is more entertaining (ex. pregnancies, rekindled relationships, scandals, etc.).

For the record, it was the cutthroat drama from this series that kept me entertained for longer than I care to admit. 

Or how about lawsuits that are trending?

Recently, unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you would have heard about the defamation suit between Jonny Depp and Amber Heard, how Twitter is suing Elon  Musk for violating a merger deal, or perhaps even how technology titans Apple and Samsung have been battling over the features of their phones. 

But first, let’s explore ‘How trends start?’, ‘Where they originate?’and ‘When do they fade?’. 

Trends are popularized through innovation and emulation.

Early adopters embrace mainstream culture mutations as part of a desire to ‘be a part of something, a ‘trend’ that originates in a specific context and then spreads.

Trends are going viral very quickly these days due to social media, with short-lived trends normally being called fads.  

As for the ‘armpit hair is back’ trend – although VOGUE states that ‘it’s the ultimate show of confidence – it’s not one I’m going to be raising my arm(pit) to participate in, thank you very much.

But in case you’re on the fence about ‘whether to shave it or show it’ – armpit hair generally grows back 50 percent quicker than the hair on our legs, and armpit hair helps reduce skin-on-skin friction, unnecessary chafing, irritation, or even heat rash. 

So as you contemplate whether you’d buy into the latest trend of getting paid in products or services for getting the logo of your favourite company emblazoned (tattooed) on your body, whether you binge on watching verbal confrontations between influencers on TikTok, or whether you simply want to kick back and try the latest food trends, easy recipes, and healthy meal ideas to help you cook smarter – know this  – ‘Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads’ – the key is to pave your own path by being your authentic self. 


Jacqueline Biollo has appeared on numerous social media platforms as a motivator and influencer. She is currently living v51 of a midlife crisis and loving every minute of it. She credits her superpower,  optimism, for the trend of her success – both personally and professionally. She thinks that sprinkle cake, peacock feathers, and clothes dryer lint may be the next trends. 

Photo by YY Photography

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