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Renovate or Relocate | Jacqueline Biollo

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Renovate or Relocate

by Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

I’ll assume that the first thought that popped into your mind when you read the article’s title was that somehow this would be all about real estate.

Well, you’re not half wrong.

But real estate is in you, your life, your goals and objectives, and what and how you choose to make decisions to achieve the best outcome.

You only need to Google ‘renovate’ or ‘relocate’ to find tips and tricks on how ‘this’ or ‘that’ might be the right move for you, explanations of what is wrong with a particular situation, or how to improve your stated ‘value.’

So, let’s apply the ‘renovate’ or ‘relocate’ concept to your everyday life, your relationships, your academic or employment goals, your financial position, etc.

Can we agree that the thought of renovating or relocating is likely one of the most stressful life events? But consider if living ‘in a construction zone (or a life of uncertainty, disorganization, and disappointment) is any easier.

Therefore, in either situation, you have a choice: Renovate or Relocate.

Consider your options before you decide what the best decision is for you based on a particular situation. By example:

  • Emotional attachment: What will you miss about your current situation if you decide to make a change?
  • Cost: Is it cheaper to make modifications to a certain situation versus packing up entirely and moving on (from a relationship, a job, even a home, etc.)?
  • Supply and demand: What trends are surrounding your intended endeavour? How does this factor into your decision-making process?
  • Timing: Not only is change stressful, but it isn’t always feasible or rational given other life events happening to you. 

There are numerous benefits to ‘relocating’ and ‘renovating’ – the challenge is to find the ones that resonate with you and take action.

Making a list of all the ‘pros and cons’ of the options will give you a new perspective on the situation.

Sometimes the grass really is greener on a new lawn, or in a new relationship, in a new job, or similar.

Make sure that your decision to ‘relocate or renovate’ fits your needs and increases the values you believe in. Although there may be hidden costs, delays, or setbacks along the way, stay the course and be strategic to ensure you limit personal and professional risks and come out on top.

Be confident in your decision-making ability and in the end result… even if it’s always a work in progress. You’re worth the investment.


Jacqueline Biollo is a sessional instructor among a tickle trunk of other endeavours that affords her an opportunity to motivate and influence others. She credits her focus on people, possibility, and potential as it relates to making strategic decisions that impact where one lives, works, plays, and invests. Jacqueline has both renovated and relocated her life goals and ambitions… many times.

Photo by Alexander Shamota 

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