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The Three Bunny Sisters

Volunteering with the Three Bunny Sisters

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Raveena, Diya, and Amisha Duggal are three special young sisters who have had the desire to help others since they were very young. They enjoy helping others, and their message is that you can make a difference in the world at any age! Raveena is now 15 years old but continues her charity work, despite being busy with high school academics and activities. Diya is 12 years old and Amisha is 8 years old, and are also working hard on new charity events and projects. 

Raveena was nine years old, Diya was 6, and Amisha was 5 when they started their charity work. They have done charity work for the Women’s Interval Home, the Cancer Society, and Plan International, to name a few.

The girls have also worked with the charity group “Bare Necessities Little Lunches.” This group provides non-perishable lunches for children. They are a not-for-profit organization working with and receiving support from Children’s Aid Society and local school officials. They have donated non-perishable food, colouring books, and stickers to this organization. Raveena has also directed a commercial for the organization, and “Bare Necessities Little Lunches” has featured Raveena, Diya & Amisha on their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Raveena, Diya, and Amisha have also donated handmade all-natural bath bombs, chapsticks, specialty soaps, and scrunchies to the Better At Home program (a United Way support program for seniors). They also worked with Letters & Love, an award-winning non-profit organization that sends handmade letters to healthcare workers worldwide. Amisha has also recently organized an event with friends to host a charity garage sale in June 2022 and donated $4200 to the Inn of the Good Shepard (homeless shelter in Sarnia, Ontario). In July 2022, the three girls took their charity events across the border and donated over $2000 of toys and books they purchased to the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida.

The Three Bunny Sisters
The Three Bunny Sisters

In 2021, Raveena and Diya Duggal were awarded the Governor General’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers for their ongoing contributions. Raveena and Diya are also recipients of the UK 2019 Princess Diana Award, which honours “young people who work to improve the lives of others” and also won the 2018 Mayor’s Award, as well as being honoured by local Canadian politicians.

Raveena also has articles published in the Refusion Magazine and Uproar Literary Blog. Raveena’s interest in environmental awareness led her to write the article “Electrification with Tesla,” published in Refusion magazine. Raveena also wrote about life during the pandemic and returning to school openings in her poems featured in the Uproar Literary Blog (created by The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts). Raveena has also written for the “Front Page Initiative,” an online student newspaper. Through her work for the Front Page Initiative, Raveena has raised awareness about child labour, workplace discrimination, and space travel. Raveena and Diya are both writing for Daily Kid, an online magazine owned by the sister companies Daily Mom and Daily Mom Military. 

In addition, Raveena, Diya, and Amisha Duggal also wrote a children’s book titled “Three Bunny Sisters”. The book is about 3 bunnies who are sisters and learn about the importance of helping others and giving back to those in need. The three bunnies then work together to host a charity bake sale to get carrots for bunnies who are less fortunate. The book features a cute theme song/jingle that repeats throughout the story to motivate the sisters as they work together to make cupcakes for the bake sale. The story mirrors the 3 girls’ own experiences with volunteer work and how they learned about hard work, helping others, and working together as a team. The “Three Bunny Sisters” children’s book has won a Mom’s Choice Gold Award and the Canada Book Award. The girls’ book also won first place in the 2021 Purple Dragonfly Award in the category of “Charity/Making a Difference”. The girls donated copies of their book to the local Canadian Women’s Interval Home and the Nemours Children’s hospital. 

Raveena, Diya, and Amisha are working together on their second children’s book, which will be a sequel to the original “Three Bunny Sisters.” They are incorporating a similar theme and lesson about the importance of helping others, regardless of your age! The girls have a website chronicling their journey and their literary work at

They also have an Instagram account @threebunnysisters.

All three sisters hope that others will follow them on their journey and even start their own charity events to help those in need and bring cheer to the world!

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