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Femi Adeyemo writes monthly for LCCMedia

The Old Building by Femi Adeyemo

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The old building stood tall, a monument of a time past, with creaky
wooden boards, rusted metal fixtures, and cracked, faded bricks. It had
been standing there for more than a century, a witness to the changing
society outside – from its booming economy, wars and revolutions to its
downswings, crises and calamities.

It was once the bustling heart of the town, a place filled with
business, activity, and life – people coming in and out, chatting, laughing,
and going about their day. Over time, people moved on to newer, more
modern buildings and old building was left behind to weather, time
and changes.

Now, it stands silent and almost forgotten, but if one were to look
closely, the building still holds its secrets, stories, and memories. The
peeling paint on the walls tells of layers and layers of history, hints of past
tenants and their lives. If one were to press an ear against the wall, one
might hear distant echoes of laughter, sadness, and maybe even hope.
Despite its age and weariness, the old building’s architecture still
speaks of grandeur and elegance. The intricate designs carved onto its
walls show the excellent craftsmanship of the past, something that is hard
to find in modern structures.

As time ticks by slowly and the world advances, the old building
remains steadfast and unchanging. Its walls may be cracked, and its floors
may creak, but it still stands tall, proud, and strong. Its tales may be
forgotten, its secrets buried, but it still remains a testament to the storied
past of the town.

To some, it is nothing more than a dilapidated building, forgotten
and ignored. But to those who see it in its true form, it remains a symbol of
a bygone era, a gem of the past, and a piece of history that should not be

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