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Laura Tejeda is a columnist with LCCMedia

Traveling, the Wellness Booster! | Laura Tejeda Meza

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Travelling is the perfect way to take care of ourselves in a fun way.

Alone or with all the family, as a couple or with friends, travelling is one of the greatest pleasures of
life; it is the so need moment after several months of hard work to take care of ourselves in all

1. Body: Prolonged stress can make it more difficult for the body to fight against certain
diseases, but travelling can contribute to reducing it. This activity is also synonymous with a greater
amount of physical activity.

2. Mental: Visiting a different place and immersing in the local environment increases the
cognitive flexibility (creativity, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence), by learning
new perspectives.

3. Social: Travelling allows us to make new memories that reinforce bounds, as well as it
helps to create and expand social networks by meeting new people.
And… back Home?

No worries, travel enhances resilience, too. Facing difficulties in an unfamiliar environment among
new people forces us to go out of our comfort zone. Also, we take back home valuable lessons that
broaden our perspective, making us more aware and open to new things and diversity.

By taking the opportunity to learn from new experiences, people and environments, it is possible to
discover new unsuspected things about ourselves and to develop new skills and knowledge, which
allow us to deal with bigger life issues in a better way.


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