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Come and celebrate Alberta Day

Come and Celebrate Alberta Day 2023

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Alberta formally became a province on Sept. 1, 1905, and to acknowledge this, Alberta’s government declared Alberta Day to celebrate the history, achievements and opportunities available in the province. On Saturday, Sept. 2, starting at 11 a.m., the government is hosting free, family-friendly celebrations at the legislature grounds in Edmonton and Heritage Park in Calgary. In addition to celebrations in Calgary and Edmonton, 33 other municipalities will receive funding from Alberta’s government to help organize festivities in their communities.

“Alberta Day is a celebration of the story of how Albertans built a prosperous society – from Indigenous people, the first stewards of this land, to the pioneers who built the cities and towns we now live in to those who chose Alberta and sought new opportunity and a chance to live as equals among their neighbours. This is our story, and it’s a story worth telling again and again.”

Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women

Alberta Day is an opportunity to celebrate the province’s rich cultural heritage and recognize the people and communities that make Alberta a strong, vibrant province. Alberta performers and vendors will be showcased throughout the day. Feature events will include performances by headliners Captain Tractor in Edmonton and Nice Horse in Calgary and an aerial drone show in each city starting at 9 p.m.


Come and Celebrate Alberta Day

We’re thrilled to celebrate another memorable Alberta Day this year. From live entertainment and a made-in-Alberta marketplace to cultural workshops and activities for kids, there will be fun for the whole family!

On September 2, free public events will occur at Edmonton’s Legislature Grounds and Calgary’s Heritage Park, featuring a concert with folk-rock legends Captain Tractor in Edmonton and country stars Nice Horse in Calgary.

Municipalities across the province also host Alberta Day events from September 1 to 3. See the Alberta Day – Events search to find events near you.

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