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A Poem about September

A Poem about September

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In September’s gentle, golden glow,
As summer’s warmth begins to mellow,
The world transforms with subtle grace,
A tranquil smile upon nature’s face.

The trees don their coats of crimson and gold,
As autumn’s story begins to unfold,
A symphony of colors, a painter’s dream,
In September’s tapestry, a vibrant gleam.

The harvest moon rises, round and bright,
Casting a soft, enchanting light,
Upon the fields of ripened grain,
In September’s embrace, we find our refrain.

The air is crisp, with a hint of chill,
Yet the sun lingers on, with a steadfast will,
To warm our hearts and light our way,
Through September’s beauty, day by day.

Children return to school with eager minds,
Seeking knowledge of all different kinds,
In September’s classroom, they aspire,
To reach for dreams and aim ever higher.

The harvest’s bounty is gathered near,
A time for thanksgiving and good cheer,
With apples, pumpkins, and corn to share,
In September’s bounty, we find what’s rare.

As September bids the year adieu,
We cherish moments, both old and new,
For in this month of change and grace,
We find the beauty of life’s embrace.

So let us savor each September day,
In its tranquil and majestic display,
For in its moments, both big and small,
We find the wonder of life’s grand hall.

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