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Ladies Corner Magazine: Spring 2024 Edition

LCCMedia releases their Spring Edition magazine

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The magazine industry in Alberta is undeniably facing its share of challenges. To succeed, the support of corporate organizations and the favour of readers are essential. It is with both humility and excitement that LCCMedia unveils its Spring Edition 2024 edition.

Tee Adeyemo, the magazine’s publisher, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to continue the publication against all odds.

She shared her thoughts on a particularly serene Sunday evening, noting the cool air and the clear skies that promised a gentle snowfall, typical of February. This month is especially dear to her heart as it marks Black History Month, a period dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the profound contributions of Black culture, arts, literature, and achievements.

Ladies Corner Magazine: Spring 2024 Edition
Ladies Corner Magazine: Spring 2024 Edition

She writes that at, our dedication to highlighting Black excellence is not confined to just one month; it is a year-round commitment. This edition seeks to weave together the themes of Valentine’s Day, with its emphasis on love, Black History Month, and International Women’s Day, creating a rich tapestry of content.

The insightful discussions with Edmonton’s councillors, transcribed from earlier media interactions this year, are included. The magazine features an amazing array of talents, gifts and people not much talked about in Alberta.

The Seniors Column by Lorrie Morales and writer Laura Tejeda Meza makes a debut with articles on cycling in the winter months. Shayla S. Dube returns with Being Shayla – an insight into coping mechanisms when life begins to get a little stressful.

Printed copies will be available after March 8th at all the usual places across Alberta.

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