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Alberta delivers payments to child care providers

Alberta delivers payments to child care providers

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Alberta child-care providers are a critical part of ensuring the province has a strong economy. Child-care providers have asked the government for changes to help address concerns on the timing of their payments. In response, Alberta’s government is fast-tracking $84 million in advance payments.

Starting March 1, child-care providers will receive about 80 per cent of their monthly claim at the beginning of each month, in addition to the fees they collect from parents. This change to monthly claim advances will help achieve the government’s commitment to introducing a new payment approach, ensuring child-care providers receive grant payments sooner.

In addition, by providing the majority of funding up front, Alberta’s government is helping to reduce financial pressures on child-care providers as the government continues to move forward in the transformation of the child-care system.


Alberta’s government will continue to engage with child-care providers, parents and its federal counterparts on early learning and child care as the transformation of the province’s child-care system moves forward. This includes introducing a new funding formula and achieving an average parent fee of $10 per day by 2026.

Quick facts

  • The claim advance will apply to child-care facilities, family day home agencies, pre-schools and out-of-school care providers.
  • Eligible child-care providers will have received their claim advance on or near March 1, 2024.

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