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Ladies Corner’s Panel on Domestic Abuse

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We had a broader conversation about domestic violence in our society. We had a varied array of views. The moderator was Mary Thomas. The panellists were Alicia A. Nan, Pastor Abraham of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Rhema Chapel. Manu Raju – an activist, nurse and a writer and Mileydi Cristancho.

It would appear that there was no consensus on how to deal with domestic violence. The idea of an immediate run was also not the most popular option even though someone on the panel actually had to run for her life. Two of the women preferred to stay in their relationships suggesting to me that the institution of marriage is a strong one and perhaps difficult to break within some communities.

Women need to make a determination in their own cases about what to do. Like mentioned before, even though two of the women on the panel chose to remain in their relationships, they chose that knowing that there was something to fight for in the relationship still.

Obviously, there are layers of domestic violence. There are cases of women having to stay in shelters so as to get away from an abusive partner. On that panel was a woman whose ex-husband kicked her down a staircase. The most obvious point though is for women to realise that can call 911 in Canada whenever they feel that their lives are in danger.


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