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No More Excuses, Take Control of Your Life | Author, Rudo Dube

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The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

This has been the slogan of the United Negro College Fund since 1972. The slogan is still relevant today to people, everywhere.  It is relevant because many times the limitations we face do not come from the devil but from our minds.

So powerful is the mind, that if the mind wills it, there is nothing it cannot do. Coupled with the idea that all things are possible when we believe, we can basically achieve all that is in our hearts to do. 

But, why don’t we? Why are we still poor? Why is it that graveyards across the world are the wealthiest places in our communities? Why are we stuck in a rut?

She thought she was an astute businesswoman. Her mind told her otherwise. She thought she could have a successful business, but the doubts came like thoughts: you are too busy, you don’t have enough experience, you don’t have enough ideas, you are worn out, your timing is bad. More excuses which plague us are ” I can’t make up my mind whether I should purchase an existing business or start on my own, I am scared, I cannot commit to business now, my children are small, how do I get people to buy from me and so on’.

What are your excuses? Do you fear what people will say? Do you fear that you have no money? Do you fear that no one will support you? Do you fear antagonism?  Do you think you are not enough? Who is? What are your fears?

The excuses never end. With Rudo’s help, let’s rise above our fears. 

Rudo’s book addresses these negative mindsets by challenging us to go for our dreams. Written from the perspective of a black, successful entrepreneur, Rudo’s book is worth a read. A link to her book can be found here

The mind is a beautiful thing to waste. 

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