Leela Sharon Ahreer Interview: ‘I see no limitations’ | Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and the Status of Women

Minister Career spent some time with Amanda Nothando from the Amanda Nothando Show and Tee Adeyemo, Creative Director with Ladies Corner Canada. The interview was informal, sincere providing insights as to the direction of Jason Kenney's government for multiculturalism, culture and women. It felt like three old friends catching up but it was more than that. 

Minister Ahreer disclosed that her portfolio includes sports and recreation as well, her portfolios intertwine to create a beautiful tapestry that reflects our multiculturalism. A former voice coach and Spanish teacher, her parents came into the country with just eighteen dollars, Minister Ahreer has pushed through limitations and setbacks. But she said in the interview that these cannot be seen as limitations as she does not see limitations.