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Instrumental Saxophonist Uduka Gabriel on the Extended Show | Simply Gabriel

Instrumental Saxophonist Uduka Gabriel on the Extended Show | Simply Gabriel

This is the Extended Show. Thank you for watching 💕💕💕 They are a newly formed group. They are a sweet blend of the Mediterranean and North Africa. They are Chawacheen. From left to right: Maher Elaissi, Sowsen Abdellawi, Kais Abid and Kyle Pszyk.For more please visit their Facebook page or As always we are grateful to CancomR Corporation and Livebetterhomes for sponsoring the show. A special thank you to Amanda Nothando Show for expertly producing this special and to @yoleennaidoo for her generousity, belief and faith in the Show.

Posted by on Friday, September 6, 2019

He is a multi-instrumentalist.

He is a psalmist, a singer-songwriter, an award-winning musician. He is Simply Gabriel.

In real life, he is very down to earth and humble. We felt very comfortable with him immediately. On stage, he blows the lids of the gates of heaven, he serenades with angels, devoted to serving God through this ministry for the rest of his life, there is a thing or two you may get from this conversation.

For instance, when God is telling you to do something, don’t run away from God, do it. Don’t be a Jonah. For more about Gabriel, his work, his music, his life, please visit his website. One other thing that came through to me from this interview was the fact that he jumped. He jumped in full faith with God into his music. Many of us are have gifts within us that are untapped and undeveloped. Like Gabriel, we need to jump into our potential whatever it is in: poetry, music, photography.

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His annual concert is called Worship Without Walls and it is next week Saturday – the 21st of September.

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