Hair and Makeup Artist Puneet Ramirez | Miss Noble Canada 2019

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She came into the country as an international student and today she stands tall as Miss Noble Canada 2019. Humble and soft-spoken, she will tell you that she is not into pageantry to compete but to find a better version of her self. 

A nurse, hair and makeup artist, Puneet’s Story is one of courage, determination and inspiration: A True Canadian Story. She exudes a determination to keep growing and extending herself and her skills. Using her platform, she urges women to believe in their dreams and in themselves.

Beauty is more than what you see on the outside she told Tee. Whilst Puneet does not believe women should be defined by their looks, she believes we can all channel our beauty for the greater good of mankind.

A lover of animals, making women feel better about their faces is a passionate love affair for Puneet. She believes make is not a mask. It is a loving way to care for our selves.

You will fall in love with Puneet as she represents Canada at the International Platform of World Noble Queen Canada and Allied Countries.


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