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End Sars | Food Poverty | Things I wish I Knew – Telling Your Stories with Tayo El-nathan

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Thirty minutes was not enough tonight it seemed for the second episode of LCCMedia Foundation’s show Telling Your Stories with Tayo Elnathan. The duo Tayo El-nathan and Bola Adegor talk about Edmonton as women, wives, mothers and citizens.  Best friends, we feel as though we are eavesdropping in a hearty conversation between two friends.

Their value moment reminded Edmontonians to check out the 2020 instalment of Canada Immigration’s campaign ” Sponsor your parents and grandparents”.

They moved to tackle food poverty as Edmonton experienced its first snow, they enjoined their listeners not to be broke, hungry and proud. They were encouraged to check out Edmonton Food Bank, the Bissell Centre and variety of discount groceries up and down this city. You can get food, groceries, diapers, baby food, baby wipes and more from the Edmonton Food Bank. From the Bissell Centre, you can get vouchers for shopping, clothes, shoes, mattresses and more. It would seem that these services are for residents and citizens of Canada only. If you are a non documented immigrant, it remains unclear where you go when your fridge is empty or when things get desperate. 

The main idea they considered is things we wished we knew…you really want to watch this on your own. Thirty minutes goes fast listening to these two. Always, like and share. Join us next week for another juicy edition of Telling Your Stories with Tayo Elnathan.






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