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The Women In Charge of EdmontonCC

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For the first time in Edmonton’s history, 8 women have been elected across  Edmonton. This did not happen in a vacuum. Their win reflects the work of organisations like  the YMCA and ParityYEG.

Representation and diversity are not just buzz words. It is important to Edmontonians to have diversity reflected in the choice of the new 8 councillors. Each councillor has a vote and they may vote as a block on key issues. We are yet to see the dynamics but one thing clear, these women will be supporting one another in Council.

At LCCMedia, we love this development so very much.

There were only two women in Edmonton’s council before now. Sarah Hamilton was re-elected and Bev Esslinger was not re-elected. Mayor Elect Sohi will be surrounded by eight very strong and experienced women to work with. He will have Mr. Andrew Knack and Tim Cartmell for company as well.

Edmonton still has a long way to go for diversity, for women, this is an exciting start. For women of colour, it would seem, that journey is just beginning.

The women who will run Edmonton’s City Council are: 

The women are Keren Tang in ward Karhio

Erin Rutherford in ward Anirniq

Jennifer Rice in ward ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi. The race in this ward was very close. Ms Rice won with only 33 votes. Rhiannon Hoyle was in second place.

Anne Stevenson in ward O-day’min. Ms Stevenson comes to comes with extensive experience in tackling the homelessness crisis that has plagued Edmonton for a long time.

Ashley Salvador in ward Metis

Sarah Hamilton in ward Sipiwiyinikiwak

Karen Principe in ward tastawiyiniwak

Jo Anne Wright in ward Sspomitapi


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