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The Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation was founded in 2019. It brought  together two leading institutions in the Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem: Startup Canada and the Manning Foundation.

Startup Canada has a track record of innovation and advancing entrepreneurship through Digital programs, conferences, pitch competitions and their renowned Start up Canada Awards Program.

Applications are open and will remain so until Monday 10th January 2022. The microgrants will be awarded and announced on Tuesday February 15th 2022. Apply for the grant here

The goal- according to their website- is to get $5,000 to you that can inject funding directly into your business and support you in a new or existing venture.

Who qualifies to apply?

  • Indigenous people
  • People of colour
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Seniorpreneurs
  • Military veterans
  • New immigrants

Here are the various grant options:

Grant 1 – The Creative Entrepreneurs Grant – $5,000

Sponsored by the Alexandra Horwood & Andrew James Labbad Fund

The purpose of this grant is to support entrepreneurs in creative industries (art, music, entertainment, fashion, independent media, design services etc.) with their business development and growth.

Grant 2 – UPS Product Innovation Grant – $5,000

The Product Innovation Grant will be awarded to entrepreneurs developing innovative products across any industry sector.

Grant 3 – UPS Global Impact Grant – $5,000

The UPS Global Impact Grant aims to recognize entrepreneurs and innovators in marginalized communities making a social/environmental impact that transcends national borders through innovative products.

Grant 4 – The Crisis Grant – $5,000

Sponsored by the Alexandra Horwood & Andrew James Labbad Fund

The Crisis Grant’s purpose is to aims to an entrepreneur or innovator who has been affected by natural disasters or been directly impacted by the effects of COVID.

Grants are much needed in businesses. 70% of jobs in Canada are attributable to small businesses. However, half of the owners of enterprises from this group will retire in the next decade. According to their website, to maintain and increase prosperity, Canada needs more startups – ambitious, scalable, sustainable businesses that foster economic growth and social development.

We have written before about funds and grants here.

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