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Do Something Amazing | Volunteer with BOMYEG

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The Black-Owned Market Edmonton (BOM YEG) is a volunteer collective whose aim is to uplift, support and build Black owned businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and community organisations in Edmonton using innovative platforms to connect with the community.

They are passionate about Black businesses so they  create physical and virtual platforms for small businesses owned

Volunteer with BOMYEG

by Black folks. They provide local Black businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives with a platform to sell and share their products, goods and services. They build a sense of community and solidarity among the Black community in Edmonton through the creation of a communal gathering place. They provide local  consumers with the opportunity to access quality goods and services offered by primarily Black-owned initiatives. They provide the wider Edmonton community the opportunity and structure to invest in Black-owned businesses.

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The importance of  BOMYEG cannot be over emphasized. Their website helps to clarify: why we need to have Black Owned Market? 

Black-Owned Market uplifts the Black community including Black creatives, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Small Black owned businesses lack the benefits of their counterparts such as generational wealth, and access to funding due to systemic racism and the legacy of racial oppression.

By providing marginalized business owners with a platform, BOM YEG helps relieve economic disparity, increases visibility and diversifies the Edmonton market.

BOMYEG is a great organisation to volunteer with for the following reasons:

They build and expand the community of Black Owned enterprises forming the BOM Community.

They bring together vendors and sponsors from the Edmonton area to encourage vendor-vendor relationship building.

They gain access to a targeted customer base and potential collaborators and clients including access to data collected through our mailing list.

The Need
They are currently looking for volunteers for events on February 5 + 6.
Volunteers must be available for the full duration of a shift.
Saturday shifts are 8:30am-1pm and 1pm-5pm. Sunday shift is 10am-5pm.
Volunteers will get meals and free swag!
Sign up here:  here
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