Funke Olokude, President Ribbon Rouge Foundation
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All About The Ribbon Rouge Foundation

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The Ribbon Rouge Foundation (RRF) is a grassroots organization that focuses on health equity and advocates for social justice by facilitating systems change, in structural and social determinants that lead to better health outcomes, including HIV-related health outcomes in Africa, the Caribbean, Black (ACB) communities. 

HIV Photovoice Project 

The HIV Photovoice project was conducted to learn and understand the HIV-related barriers that ACB women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their families face when accessing social and health care services.

The work brought about extensive outreach work and one on one conversations in Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Edmonton.

The project recommended the

following to facilitate better access to social and health care services for ACB women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS: education for healthcare providers, faster immigration document processing, childcare services for HIV-positive women, and changes to times for group activities at HIV Edmonton. 


Executive Director

To facilitate RRF’s service to ACB Albertans, the organization welcomed its new Executive Director, Funke Olokude in October 2021.

Funke has extensive work experience in the social service industry working with diverse populations and sectors in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, where she has continuously promoted equity in policy and practice that has led to transformational relationships between individuals and within systems.

She has a B.A. Hons. in Psychology from York University, a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Alberta, and she is a Registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

Funke Olokude, President Ribbon Rouge Foundation
Funke Olokude, President Ribbon Rouge Foundation

Funke has earned many recognitions over her career lifespan and in 2020, she was named Top 40 under 40 for her continued work in influencing policies and practices across various sectors in Alberta.

She currently serves on the boards of the Bredin Centre for Career Advancement, Black Business Ventures Association (BBVA) and is the convener of an Ethnocultural Community Leadership Circle.

Funke is excited to join RRF, as she continues her journey on equitable relationships and transformative leadership. To learn more about the Ribbon Rouge Foundation,  please visit our website at 



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