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Dr. Judi L Malone, Nomination Candidate Edmonton-Ellerslie Alberta NDP Riding

Local Psychologist Running for the Edmonton-Ellerslie Candidacy

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Alberta NDP has made it official.

Local psychologist and provincial health leader Dr. Judi Malone is officially one of three vying for the candidacy to unseat incumbent Rod Loyola. 

“We benefit from living in a democracy, and nothing speaks to democracy like voice, choice, and becoming involved,” said Malone.

“I am committed to being the voice of change for Edmonton-Ellerslie.” 

Dr. Malone will run her campaign highlighting her experience a CEO, small business owner, and psychologist over the past two decades as well as her extensive experience as a board member for leading non-profit organizations. 

Issues that Dr. Malone has placed at the top of her priorities include healthcare, mental health, and education. 

“I want to use my energy and knowledge to energize and strengthen our province and assist Albertans to thrive with good jobs, good schools, and strong public healthcare that includes our mental health,” Dr. Malone said.  

Dr. Judi Malone is the CEO of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, with an adjunct professor appointment at the University of Alberta.

She lives in Summerside, Edmonton Ellerslie, with her husband, Roberto Merlos.

They have one child, Kira, a university student.

Contact Dr. Malone here:



Read more about Dr. Malone here:

Change Begins in Edmonton Ellerslie with Dr Judi L Malone

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