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Alberta Crime Prevention grant

The Alberta Crime Prevention Grant | Alberta News

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Alberta’s government is boosting support for projects and programs that prevent crime and keep Albertans safe.

Eligible groups and organizations working to prevent and reduce crime can now apply for the Alberta Crime Prevention grant to fund their projects and initiatives.

The $5.2 million in grants available over the next two years will support the delivery of crime prevention, community safety and well-being programs. Programs may include initiatives or projects to reduce the risk of domestic violence, youth outreach programs, and training and staffing for crime prevention organizations in rural Alberta.

  • The Alberta Crime Prevention grant provides one-time funding of $25,000 to $150,000 a year for projects and initiatives for up to two years.
  • Eligible projects and initiatives must support one of the following:
    • the delivery of crime prevention/community safety and well-being programs, services and/or supports
    • the delivery of youth gang prevention and exit programs, services and/or supports
    • Activities that enhance the skills, knowledge and capacity of an organization and/or community to help them deliver crime prevention/community safety and well-being programs, including:
      • the development and delivery of information, training and resources/tools
      • public education and awareness activities
    • initiatives to address emerging issues and trends in crime prevention
    • the implementation of a public/community safety plan
  • Recipients must be in Alberta and be:
    • a registered not-for-profit or charity
    • a First Nation or Metis Settlement
    • a municipality
    • a community-based police program or service
    • a community group with a designated fiscal agent
  • Eligible applicants can apply until Sept. 30


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