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Community Grant Applications now open

Community Policing Grant Applications now open

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Indigenous and municipal communities in Alberta can now apply for a one-time grant of up to $30,000 to develop a business case for their own self-administered police service or regional equivalent.

The provincial grant offers financial assistance to Indigenous and municipal communities preparing a business case outlining local needs, capital requirements and transition considerations.

The Community Policing Grant formalizes funding the government has provided in the past and makes it more accessible to all Indigenous and municipal communities. Alberta’s government provided $30,000 to the Siksika Nation for a feasibility study in 2018 that has led to a memorandum of understanding focused on developing a funding framework for new police service in Siksika.

Alberta has also unilaterally provided additional funding for 15 new police officers for the Blood Tribe, Tsuut’ina Nation and Lakeshore Regional police services to address issues created by shortfalls in federal funding.

If Alberta moves to a provincial police service such as the proposed model found at, the province would work with First Nations and municipalities to ensure local police services have more resources and give local Albertans more of a say in setting policing priorities.

Eligible First Nations communities, Metis Settlements and municipalities may use Community Policing Grant funding for business case expenses such as staffing, consultation fees and program administration.

This includes communities that have already initiated the process of exploring a municipal police service and communities collaborating on regional police service. Applicants must provide a letter documenting the support of their communities’ leadership for the development of the business case.


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