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Colleen Jantzen

Give Thanks | Colleen Jantzen

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Spaces of gratitude

Grow when


I notice little things

(the easily taken for granted that escape my/our notice things

while we rush and shout and shove about)


The little things


That You do


Every day

(all day)


For me/us


The trinity of deer crossing my path

The red-green gold of trees turning at Your calling

The scent of rain coming


The peace

Of Your


Word created world


Coming to its





(in all its forms)

Crowd this out



Self righteousness

My way or the highway thinking



This life giving space that

You made

For us


Go outside dear one

Whenever as

As often as

You can


Breathe in


Breathe in



His perfection

His order

His peace



Give thanks

Give thanks

Give thanks

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