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Judith Pila digs into data protection

Judith Pila digs into the world of data protection

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Data management and data protection are more than important ideas.

Everyone needs to know how to protect their data and what companies do with the data they harvest from people. But, many of us are over-saturated and possibly too busy to navigate the complexities of data protection.

But we should care.

There is a proliferation of data leaks and cyber attacks on our devices.  Many of us have had to change our social media passwords because our accounts got hacked. It was not pleasant. But what more can we do about it besides being angry?

We can learn how to protect our devices and more.  This is where the Centre of Intellectual Excellence comes in. They have the practical tools and resources to help us navigate the sophisticated world of data.

Centre For Intellectual Excellence (CeFIE)(referred to as CeFIE) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating the space and opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to harness their skills and potential. they provide various unique programs and services to diverse/intersectional and Underserved communities through talent development, mentoring, EDI education, career guidance, online sexual exploitation and family counselling.

They held an event recently that our resident editor Judith Pila attended. The event was the unveiling of  The File Hold Record Management system. The event showed the participants how they could manage their data. Executive Director Patrick Authur spoke about the need for communities to empower themselves regarding their data management.

The event was necessary and driven by the heightened revelations of the prevalent issues in the technology and innovation industry, particularly cyber-attacks.

“The COVID-19 pandemic increased online presence by getting almost every person working or managing different aspects of our lives in cyberspace. Inasmuch as creativity in technology and innovation was enhanced, as it was predicted that we had advanced about 20 years ahead of our time, it also presented increased levels of risk. The Centre For Intellectual Excellence would, therefore, like to present an option that, when implemented, will help curtail the risk of personal data exposure through not-for-profit organizations”.

“The main goal at CeFIE is to support the educational and professional advancement of diverse populations, particularly people that identify with the marginalized groups. These groups are served by not-for-profit organizations and are, therefore, at risk of personal data exposure. At the organizational level, not-for-profits usually do not have the resources, skills and capacity to invest in cyber security and ensure that the right protection is in place for their clientele”.

“Not- for-profits and charitable organizations face the same threat of a cyber breach as governments and big businesses but are often unprepared to deal with the technical and financial consequences”.

“These organizations collect and hold digital records with people’s private information, like a volunteer database, donor list or employee records and they are responsible for protecting that information from cyber threats. Cyber-attacks and privacy breaches can be costly, particularly for small organizations and not-for-profits. They can occur quickly and when you least expect it. The File Hold Record Management system is here to help with the establishment of a security system that will give the organization the protection they need to operate and function efficiently”.


Find out more about the Centre For Intellectual Excellence (CeFIE) here.


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