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Photocredit: Jacqueline Biollo

The power of a pair of socks | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

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Whilst contemplating what to write about in my weekly column for Ladies Corner Media, I received a heartfelt text and voice message from a friend working out of town and away from the comforts of home. Their message was of thanks and appreciation for a gift I had sent them in the mail. Among the contents of the care package were notes of encouragement, some small treats, and a couple of pairs of ‘designer’ socks.

My friend is professional, successful, and likely has everything they could ever want or need, or at least the resources to acquire them should they desire. But our friendship was such that I wanted to acknowledge the bond we shared, the impact they’ve had in my life, and that, hopefully, the unexpected arrival of a care package in the mail would remind them of just how special they are to me.

The power of anything is the power unto itself.

For example, the power of words can change a life with as little as a single phrase; the power of silence can be a strategy for leadership; or the power of repetition is such because each time you repeat something, you notice something different. The list of the power of anything is endless.

Although power makes us more susceptible to being productive and proactive – power can also have a negative connotation or undertone. Power-holders are more likely to engage in socially unacceptable behaviours, coercion, the act of agreeing or disagreeing to do something, etc. People consumed with too much power may also provoke a negative attitude from others, pessimistic outlooks, and a decrease in motivation.

So, in keeping with the positive undertones of power – consider how you can capitalize on the power of a major mood booster, strengthen your personal values, make something more impactful than ever, introduces the importance of generosity to others, and be a positive influence that inspires others to seize their power of positivity too.


Both Jacqueline Biollo and her dad, Gordon Smith, are serial philanthropists and have given generously to spearheading not-for-profit organizations, programs, or services. For example, Gordon started the ‘Sock it to me Brother’ campaign to collect items of warm clothing for the less fortunate. Now managed by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Academic Staff Association (NASA), where Gordon retired from and where Jacqueline now works, as an instructor, the ‘Share the Warmth’ campaign has been part of an annual winter tradition at the polytechnic for more than a dozen years. There are so many worthy organizations that are trying to do their part to collect new items, including inner and outer clothing, personal items and so much more for the less fortunate. Please consider the power of donating something to someone – and reap the rewards for yourself.


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