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National benchmarking study ranks Edmonton number one

Canadian Home Builders’ Association ranks Edmonton number one

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Edmonton received top marks in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) 2022 Municipal Benchmarking Study, which examines how local development processes, approvals and charges affect housing affordability and housing supply in major housing markets across the country. The report reads as a report card to show which municipal governments are leading, and Edmonton ranked number 1 in Canada overall.
“I am not surprised by Edmonton’s ranking,” said Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. “Edmonton is a great place to live with an exceptional quality of life, and we are committed to fostering a healthy and affordable housing market necessary to welcome young and highly skilled talent and for those already living in Edmonton.”
The report evaluated 21 municipalities across Canada in several areas that have direct links to issues related to housing supply and/or housing affordability, including:
  • Approval timelines
  • Charges and fees on new development
  • Planning approval processes and features
Edmonton ranked number one in planning features, sixth in approval timelines and sixth in charges and fees to capture a combined first place ranking. This represents an improvement from the 2020 study, in which Edmonton ranked second overall in Canada.
“The City of Edmonton has worked very hard in the past few years to streamline and improve our permit and license processes,“ said City Manager Andre Corbould. “These improvements save applicants $5.3 million and 67,600 days collectively each year. We know these improvements have contributed to our ranking and we continue to push for improvements that will help maintain Edmonton’s housing affordability.”
Edmonton continues to innovate in its approaches to reducing red tape and delivering better, more predictable service to customers, including investment in the online customer experience, process automation, and integration of artificial intelligence.
Intergovernmental and industry collaboration also played an important role in Edmonton’s number-one ranking. The Study also highlighted municipalities that are taking innovative approaches to working with other levels of government or developers to set targets, standardize reporting or establish timelines.
“The growth and future success of Edmonton hinges on the continued successful collaboration and engagement between the real estate development industry and the City of Edmonton,” said Adil Kodian, Executive Vice President Rohit Group of Companies and a member of CHBA-Edmonton Region and UDI-Edmonton Metro. “We strongly support the leadership that the City of Edmonton has continued to demonstrate over the years when it comes to enabling housing options. We are committed to working together to ensure we maintain the current level of choice and affordability city-wide. Available and attainable housing is core to what makes Edmonton such a great city for Canadians to live and work in. Going forward, it’s critical that we continue to create a business and innovation-friendly environment that provides efficient timelines focuses on smooth processes and limits additional costs for new homebuyers.”
Edmonton had an overall score of 91 percent based on six overall themes: development guidance, development application tracking, e-submissions/e-payments, availability of planning documents, accountability and provincial direction. Edmonton was best in class in areas such as Electronic Submission Payment Capabilities and Accountability. Edmonton’s typical approval timeline for development applications is less than half of what it is in either Vancouver or Toronto.

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