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Edmonton News Release: property assessment notices are on the way

2023 property assessment notices are on the way

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More than 400,000 property assessment notices were mailed to Edmonton property owners today. Property assessments are a key part of the property tax process, as they help to determine each Edmonton property owner’s fair share of taxes to support the City’s programs and services.
Property assessment notices provide important information about what property owners can expect on their property tax bill in the spring. Once property owners have their notices, they can follow three steps to confirm the accuracy of the notice:
  1. Review the details on your assessment notice
  2. Check what makes up your property’s assessed value
  3. Compare to similar properties in your neighbourhood
“We encourage property owners to review the details on their 2023 assessment notice and compare their property’s assessed value to similar properties in their neighbourhood,” said Cate Watt, Assessment and Taxation Branch Manager. “Since assessment values determine property owners’ fair share of property taxes, it’s important to review your assessment and contact an assessor by calling 311 if you have any questions.”
Property assessments reflect the City’s estimate of a property’s market value, which is the amount that a property would have sold for on the open market, as of July 1, 2022.
Assessment notices provide the assessed property value only. Council has set a 4.96 percent overall municipal property tax increase for 2023, which will be reflected in tax notices mailed to property owners in May. Your individual property taxes may not increase by 4.96 per cent; changes to individual tax bills will depend on how your property’s assessed value changed compared to the overall change in its assessment class. For more information on how assessment affects individual tax bills, watch this video.
If you have any questions after reviewing your notice, or have not received your notice by the end of January, please contact the City for one-on-one support by calling 311. Visit for more resources, or go to for property-specific information and to better understand your assessment.

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