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Cities from her perspective

Cities from Her Perspective 2023: Allies for Equity with DIALOG

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This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, DIALOG is exploring the importance of intersectionality and allyship from a different perspective – his.

Women and other marginalized voices are often not included at the decision-making table, and to truly challenge that paradigm, we need strong allies.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring some of the best allies for intersectional leadership we can think of who will engage in a facilitated discussion on how to curate diverse perspectives, empower marginalized voices, and amplify inclusive city building – from Her Perspective.

Note: The event is open to the public (invite your friends!), but all attendees—including DIALOGers—need a ticket to join in. All ticket sales will be donated to Women Building Futures, and it’s on a pay-as-you-will basis. We recommend $5 or more.


When: Wednesday, March 8, from noon-1:30 pm
Where: DIALOG Kitchen
How: To attend in pers, get your ticket by donation
To attend virtually, get your ticket by donation
Who: You! + panelists + public attendees



Antonio Gómez-Palacio, Chair of DIALOG

Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, City of Edmonton

Shafraaz Kaba, Principal at ASK for a Better World and Eco-Ammo

Mike Saunders, Senior Vice President at Qualico Properties

Anand Pye, Executive Director at NAIOP


Hosted by Tai Ziola and Jill Robertson


Food for thought and food to eat will be provided.

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