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Laura Tejeda is a columnist with LCCMedia

10 ideas to change the world inside out | Laura Tejeda Meza

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Many of us were already aware of the uncertainty of life. Still, after the COVID-19 pandemic, new questions arose, as well as new purposes and the need of doing both individual and collective actions to change the world for a brighter future.

Every day is an opportunity to build a better version of ourselves. In this time of change, this is all the more reason to be able to influence the world positively.

Small changes make big differences, and they start with us from the inside. The best time to start is now because if we postpone the action for tomorrow, changes will never come, and maybe tomorrow will be too late. Here we share ten actions to change the world and create a better life for everyone by working inside out.

Continue Learning

We all ignore something, but this is not an excuse to do anything about it. Knowing and discovering leads us to be able to think for ourselves. Therefore, learning is the key to be able to understand our environment and defend what really matters to us. Never take anything for granted: search, question and ask. Remember that the core part of the vast majority of the problems that afflict us, on a personal, social and global level is ignorance. Furthermore, you will have more tools to make decisions and take action in favour of the greater good.

Know yourself

Knowing where we come from, who we are, what our values, strengths and weaknesses is essential, as well as knowing where we are going and how to achieve our goals. It is also a way to discover how we as individuals, can contribute to the world in a positive way. For example, perhaps taking part in demonstrations or signing petitions is not what suits you best, but maybe you identify more with informing, healing, teaching, etc.

Open to reality

Denying or blinding yourself to the cruelty and problems around you and the world will not make them disappear or be solved by magic, even if we feel powerless. To find or contribute to a solution, it is important to acknowledge the very existence of any issue.

Be empathic

It’s useless going through life cursing and seeing enemies everywhere. You are not the center of the world, and you are not alone in it either. Find allies and connect with others; remember that together we can do more. Moreover, exchanging ideas, feelings, knowledge, and skills is not only a way to form links and get to know others better, but it is also a way to know ourselves better.

Open up to differences.

Meeting people who are different from you opens your eyes to various realities that you may not even have imagined. Who knows? Maybe you will discover that you share the same points of view, but express them differently.

Love yourself

People don’t believe in insecure ones, and to positively influence others and the world, you need to believe in yourself. You are a valuable person: the proof is that you can also change the world!

Try it

No matter what you undertake, failure is always a possibility and a way of improving. This makes us grow and reformulate our actions; try again! And if you make a mistake and make a mess, identify the problem, acknowledge it, learn and solve it.

Acknowledge the surrounding world.

Do you feel alone? Think twice: you are surrounded by other people, animals and all the beauty this world has to offer, which are just waiting for you to be an active part of its story (your story!). You depend on your surroundings as well as others depend on you. You are as important as any other living being.

Consider your footprint

Whether we believe it or not, everything we do has one or more repercussions around us, be it on other human beings or on the environment. This is why one way to change the world is to reconsider our own habits and actions and how they negatively or positively affect the planet and its inhabitants.

Find your ‘meaning’

A sense of purpose in life is not only essential in terms of personal well-being, but it is also a way to keep in mind our mission in life to contribute to society positively. Not all of us are the type of classic heroes like firefighters or doctors. Still, we can be our own version of superheroes in our own domain and terms: teacher, counsellor, communication specialist, translator, worker, lawyer, housewife, etc.

Changing the world is not an impossible mission or a matter of magic; we just need to be aware of our own means, as well as work actively and retrospectively on ourselves, since change starts from oneself.



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