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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) for the African Multicultural Community Centre (AMCC)

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The Africa Centre, in partnership with the City of Edmonton, seeks proposals from experienced and qualified Consultants/Firms. The objective is to conduct a comprehensive community engagement process for the African Multicultural Community Centre (AMCC) project, specifically focusing on engaging the African-descent community.


The engagement is critical for the project to ensure that the perspectives and needs of these two vital groups are adequately represented and addressed. This input will significantly inform the development of the Business Case, particularly concerning the design and implementation strategies.


The selected consultant will leverage historical documents and previous community engagement information to design an effective, contemporary, and inclusive engagement strategy. This engagement strategy should cater to the unique needs and considerations of the targeted communities.


The Consultant/Firm is expected to possess a deep understanding and experiential knowledge of the diverse nature of communities of African descent. An intersectional approach considering factors such as language, disability, etc., during engagement implementation is also required.




The AMCC project is a pioneering initiative to enhance the cultural, social, economic, and civic vibrancy of Edmonton’s communities of African descent. This centre, envisaged to be established on the former Wellington Junior High School site, will be a nucleus encapsulating Edmonton’s African-descent community’s rich and diverse heritage. It’s proposed to comprise facilities like a cultural centre, community services, offices, and educational and recreational spaces.


Community engagement is pivotal to the project, given its community-centric vision. The selected Consultant/Firm will play a critical role in ensuring that the voices of all segments within the communities of African descent are heard, valued, and seamlessly integrated into the ongoing development of the project.




The selected consultant will be required to:


Review and utilize existing community engagement records, historical documents, and other relevant materials to better understand the project and the community’s needs and aspirations.
Develop and execute a comprehensive dual community engagement strategy/plan targeting diverse communities of African descent. This strategy should include at least three public meetings and two online forums, ensuring an inclusive and effective engagement process.
Compile and analyze the data collected from these engagements, providing insights into the communities’ sentiments, concerns, and suggestions regarding the AMCC project.
Communicate and collaborate with other consultants involved in the project, including those tasked with writing the business case, ensuring that the community feedback is accurately integrated into the Business Case development.
Develop recommendations based on community feedback to support the ongoing development of the AMCC project.
Provide a draft report summarizing the engagement findings one week before the final report.
Submit a final report detailing community feedback, data analysis, and project development recommendations by September 8, 2023.



Proposals should include the following:


Consultant/Firm’s Profile: Background information about the Consultant/Firm, including expertise in community engagement and years in business.
Relevant Experience: Evidence of experience in successful community engagement initiatives executed within communities of African descent or similar multicultural, community-based projects.
Proposed Approach: A detailed explanation of the Consultant/Firm’s approach to this project, including methods for stakeholder engagement, data collection, analysis, reporting, and how the Consultant/Firm will apply an intersectional approach in the community engagement process.
Project Team: Details of the team working on this project, including their qualifications, experience, and relevant cultural competency.
Timeline: A detailed project timeline.
Budget: A detailed cost projection within the specified budget range of $30,000 to $40,000.




Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Consultant/firm’s expertise and experience with similar projects and communities. – 30%
Quality, feasibility, and inclusivity of the proposed approach – 30%
Consultant/Firm’s team’s qualifications and cultural competency – 20%
The proposed timeline and cost within the stipulated budget – 20%


The following timeline outlines key milestones and dates:
RFP Release: July 4, 2023
Queries/clarifications period ends: July 21, 2023
Proposal submission deadline: July 24, 2023, 5:00 PM MST
Selection of Consultant/Firm: August 1, 2023
Project Kick-off meeting: August 5, 2023
Draft report submission: September 8, 2023
Final report submission: September 15, 2023



Interested Consultants/Firms should submit their proposals by 5:00 PM MST on July 24, 2023.




All queries related to this RFP should be submitted in writing by July 21, 2023, to


The Africa Centre and the City of Edmonton look forward to receiving your proposal for this impactful community project.


Thank you for your interest.

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