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Applications now open for Civic Youth Fellowship

Applications now open for Civic Youth Fellowship

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The City of Edmonton and community partners welcome applicants to the annual Civic Youth Fellowship.

Youth interns will be chosen to work in Edmonton City Council Offices and the Offices of Deputy City Managers for 10 weeks beginning in May 2024. The opportunity will allow interns to learn more about municipal government, enhance their skills and build real world connections.

In the spring of 2023, the Council initiated a groundbreaking internship program for youth from racialized and underrepresented communities. This eight-week pilot program successfully placed 13 interns in various offices of the Mayor and Councillors.

The objectives of this initiative were multifaceted:

Leadership Experience for Youth: It aimed to provide these young individuals with a platform to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Professional Network Expansion: The program offered opportunities for interns to broaden their professional connections, an essential aspect of career growth.

Skill Development in the Public Sector: By working in governmental offices, the interns could acquire new skills pertinent to public administration and policy.

Incorporating Diverse Perspectives: It also served as a channel for these interns to share their unique lived experiences and fresh ideas with the city’s leadership, thereby fostering a more inclusive approach to governance.

The results of this pilot program were quite encouraging. Of the 13 participants, six secured employment following the program’s conclusion. Notably, four of these individuals found roles within the Council Offices, Administration, or other government policy offices, indicating the effectiveness of the program in providing relevant job opportunities.

This initiative reflects a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity in public sector leadership and serves as a model for similar programs aimed at empowering underrepresented youth in governmental roles.

The internships are co-funded by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, ASSIST Community Services Centre, Islamic Family & Social Services Association, Africa Centre, and City of Edmonton with support from MacEwan University’s kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre.

Youth from all diverse backgrounds will be considered.

Apply here.

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