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23,800 fulltime created in January

23,800 fulltime jobs created in January

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Alberta kicked off 2024 by demonstrating its economic vigour, adding 23,800 full-time positions in January, continuing the positive momentum from the previous year.

Projected to maintain its status as one of Canada’s most robust economies in 2024, Alberta’s job market is a key contributor to this success. This achievement is largely attributed to the Alberta Advantage: our competitive taxation, skilled labour force, plentiful natural resources, and top-tier educational institutions ensure our position as Canada’s economic powerhouse.

Our unique strengths are recognized both nationally and internationally. As of December 31, there were 322 significant projects underway, representing an investment of about $82.7 billion. The industrious Albertans driving these initiatives are earning an average of $1,301 weekly, surpassing their peers in other provinces and significantly exceeding the national average. This means Alberta workers enjoy a higher income.

Despite anticipated economic challenges affecting all provinces this year, we are optimistic about Alberta’s continued prosperity. I am also dedicated to maintaining Alberta’s status as the premier destination for living, working, investing, entrepreneurship, and family life.


Statement from Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade Matt Jones

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