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Seventeen local businesses have access to more financial support to start, scale and grow their organizations, thanks to the City of Edmonton’s Edge Fund.

New City funding gives “edge” to innovative local businesses and entrepreneurs

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Seventeen local businesses are set to receive enhanced financial assistance to launch, expand, and advance their enterprises through the City of Edmonton’s Edge Fund.

Initiated in 2023, the first phase of the Edmonton Edge Fund is designed to close funding gaps for innovators and entrepreneurs either based in or entering the Edmonton market. By backing these local organizations and helping them navigate market barriers, the City of Edmonton fosters innovation and diversifies its economic landscape.

Mayor Amarjeet Sohi praised the initiative, stating, “We have an incredible group of entrepreneurs who are bringing innovative ideas and a strong desire to impact their community. Supporting these fresh, exciting projects is crucial as they hold the potential to drive economic growth in key sectors and enhance prosperity throughout the region.”

A highlight among the funded projects is ZerOne, an advanced hockey development and training center that will include a multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic. The Edge Fund will support the creation of their Hockeyology Lab, which utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic training technology to dissect and enhance individual athlete techniques.

David Muddle, CEO of ZerOne, emphasized the transformative impact of such initiatives, “The Edge Fund acts as a catalyst for innovators eager to effect change in industries that need it. It has enabled a significant partnership between Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc.—a spin-off from the University of Alberta’s ACELab—and ZerOne. This collaboration has led to a translational research project that bridges academia and mainstream applications, opening up numerous possibilities for using dynamic data to optimize performance and care.”

The fund is investing over $4.5 million across 17 businesses in eight sectors through its Start Stream or Scale & Grow Stream, crafting solutions that reinforce Edmonton’s appeal as a business and investment destination. The projects, once operational, are expected to support over 250 jobs and attract up to $20 million in private investment.

The following businesses were selected to receive funding. Full project descriptions can be found on the City’s website.
Start Stream – Offering grants of $75,000 to $100,000 to organizations looking to
advance the development of their innovations and/or begin commercializing
them in Edmonton. Total sum: $991,800
  • Canchuks Corrosion Inc. | $91,800
  • Dark Matter Materials Inc. | $100,000
  • International Renewable Energy Systems Inc. | $100,000
  • Millennium Three Technologies Inc. | $100,000
  • NGT Energy | $100,000
  • OligomicsTx Inc. | $100,000
  • Optimal Combustion Consulting Services Ltd. | $100,000
  • Swift Charge | $100,000
  • UpRow | $100,000
  • ZerOne Hockeyology | $100,000
Scale & Grow Stream – Offering grants of $250,000 to up to $1 million in support
of large-scale projects that reinforce the scaling and growth efforts of
organizations while also generating significant economic outcomes in Edmonton.
This stream requires applicants to match awarded grant amounts on a 1:1 basis.
Total sum: $3,758,200
  • 48Hour Discovery | $530,000
  • DiveThru | $750,000
  • Future Fields | $550,000
  • Kind Ice Cream | $289,609
  • MuslimKids.TV | $334,000
  • Technology North Corporation | $581,570
  • Zero Point Cryogenics | $723,020
The Edmonton Edge Fund supports principles of the Economic Action Plan, including support for new and established business, diversification of our economy and further establishing Edmonton as a destination of choice for talent and capital.

Start Stream – Grants ranging from $75,000 to $100,000 for organizations to refine their innovations or begin commercialization in Edmonton. Total allocated: $991,800, with recipients including Canchuks Corrosion Inc., Dark Matter Materials Inc., and several others.

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