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Coffee with the Chamber, hosted by the Fantasyland Hotel and West Edmonton Hall

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Black Business Edmonton recently facilitated the attendance of their members to  Coffee with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. This was an invigorating morning of coffee and networking at the Fantasy Hotel,West Edmonton Mall. This two-hour event was designed to foster connections among local entrepreneurs, providing a vibrant atmosphere with opportunities for business growth and collaboration.

Ibukun Orefuja, Founder,Black Business Edmonton
Ibukun Orefuja, Founder, Black Business Edmonton

From the moment attendees arrived, the room buzzed with energy. Entrepreneurs from various sectors mingled, shared ideas, and built relationships that could potentially lead to future collaborations and business opportunities. The event’s setting in the Fantasy Hotel added a unique and stylish backdrop, enhancing the overall experience.

Ibukun Orefuja, the Founder and CEO of Black Business Edmonton, played a pivotal role in organizing and promoting the event. His vision for creating a supportive network for Black entrepreneurs in Edmonton was clearly reflected in the event’s success. Ibukun shared photos of the gathering, capturing moments of engaging conversations, enthusiastic networking, and the overall spirit of community among the attendees with LCCMEDIA.

The coffee morning wasn’t just about casual conversations; it also provided a platform for networking, ensuring participants made the most of their time and leaving with valuable new connections. In addition to networking, the event included brief presentations from successful local business owners who shared their experiences and insights. These presentations offered practical advice and inspiration, motivating attendees to pursue their business goals with renewed vigour.

Overall, the coffee and networking morning hosted by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and Black Business Edmonton was a resounding success. It highlighted the importance of community and support in business, especially for Edmonton Black entrepreneurs.

About Black Business Edmonton:

Black Business Edmonton (BBE) is a platform dedicated to empowering and promoting Black-owned businesses within the Edmonton area. BBE aims to create opportunities for networking, visibility, and growth for entrepreneurs by providing a comprehensive directory of Black-owned businesses across various categories, such as beauty, fashion, food, health, and more. The organization also hosts events, trade fairs, and community engagements to foster connections and support within the community. BBE is committed to driving economic empowerment and showcasing the talent and creativity of Black entrepreneurs in Edmonton.

For more information, visit Black Business Edmonton.

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