Edmonton Mayoral Forums – All You Need To Know

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The idea from this article came from something I saw on Sprawl Alberta. I have spent the evening, trying to update all the Mayoral Candidate Forums. I know there are several forums missing. So, please update me. My email is 

Each of these candidates have worked hard no doubt in letting the general public know their priorities. They have had their share of  banter at these forums which have been useful in telling us about their policies. It was fun actually collating this list but we recommend you adding these to your playlist if you struggle with sleep or you are trying to avoid talking to your preteen!

The candidates with the best attendance are Mr. Amanjeet Sohi, Kim Krushell, Diana Steele, Cheryll Watson, Micheal Oshry, Rick Comrie and Gregg Breezy. We have noticed that Mr Mike Nickel chooses the forums he attends. We have not been able to figure out what metrics he uses to decide if he is going to attend your event or not.

With elections on Monday, October 18th, if you are still undecided, perhaps watching a few of these will help you make up your mind.

We hosted the first candidate forum and it has been included here. 


Edmonton Coalition Housing & Homelessness: Mayoral Housing Forum


A Conversation with Mayoral Candidates presented by Edmonton Public Library



The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Edmonton (BPW Edmonton)




Edmonton Mayoral Forum by AEG

Africa Centre Mayoral Forum



Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organisations

Edmonton Candidate Forum Presented by AEG


Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Mayoral Forum

Edmonton’s Mayoral Forum – LCCMedia


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