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Give Back to Edmonton | Become a Firefighter

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A modern firefighter has skills that go beyond physical strength including effective communication, emotional intelligence, customer service, compassion, creative problem solving, teamwork and resilience.
“A career in firefighting is about making people feel safe and contributing to the community in a positive way,” said City Manager Andre Corbould. “As City of Edmonton employees, our roles are diverse, our backgrounds are distinct and our responsibilities are unique. This is why all of our work is guided by our cultural commitments of being Safe, Helpful, Accountable, Integrated and Excellent.”
Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding employees through inclusive practices.
“We have great people in Fire Rescue, and we know that the diversity of our members is what makes our service strong. We are focused on increasing our diversity and being reflective of the community we serve,” said Fire Chief Joe Zatylny. “We’re looking for candidates to share their unique skills, past career and lived experiences to help us deliver excellent service to our communities. We know that without seeing yourself represented in a profession, it is hard to imagine it as an option. But it is an option, and we welcome everyone to this incredible profession.”
Firefighter applications will be accepted between February 1 and 28, 2022.
Through the protection of life, property and the environment, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services improves the livability of all Edmontonians. Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is a three-time internationally accredited fire department in Canada. Our top priority is the physical and psychological safety of our personnel, as well as the safety of residents. We strive for continuous improvement and innovation by attracting both qualified and diverse applicants to help lead the service in serving our community.

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