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Change Begins in Edmonton Ellerslie with Dr Judi L Malone

Small business is a big deal in Alberta – from jobs to economic growth! When we support Alberta entrepreneurs, we build the backbone of our province and support a real ‘Alberta advantage’ that goes beyond the GDP to provide jobs, pride, and build communities. I have operated my own private practice for over 2 decades and know the difference that knowledgeable support makes for the small business owner. Support makes a difference and that ranges from providing information and skills support to self-sustaining grants. 

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Ben Acquaye seeks NDP nomination in Edmonton-South West

Ben appreciates other contestants stepping up and contributing to the democratic process and is friends/acquaintances with all the contestants running in Edmonton South-West. Like most in the black community, Ben appreciates Kaycee Madu’s glass-ceiling-breaking efforts. Ben isn’t interested in attacking people but rather advancing sound research-informed-policies and supporting a Rachel Notley-led NDP to deliver good jobs, good public healthcare, good schools, and a diversified jobs economy.

Become a FireFighter
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Give Back to Edmonton | Become a Firefighter

“We’re looking for candidates to share their unique skills, past career and lived experiences to help us deliver excellent service to our communities. We know that without seeing yourself represented in a profession, it is hard to imagine it as an option. But it is an option, and we welcome everyone to this incredible profession.” 

Firefighter applications will be accepted between February 1 and 28, 2022.

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The Women In Charge of EdmontonCC

For the first time in Edmonton’s history, 8 women have been elected across  Edmonton. This did not happen in a vacuum. Their win reflects the work of organisations like  the YMCA and ParityYEG.

Representation and Diversity are not just buzz words. It is equally important to Edmontonians to have diversity reflected in the choice of the new 8 councillors. Each councillor has a vote and they may vote as a block on key issues. We are yet to see the dynamics but one thing clear, these women will be supporting one another in Council.

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Mayor Sohi Gets to Work

It seems obvious that the task ahead of Mr Sohi is huge, he takes over a city that is in need of economic recovery from the pandemic, a city with crumbling infrastructure, a city with a stubborn problem of homelessness and the opioids crises. A city in which black and indigenous people are routinely targeted by the Police. We are confident Mr. Sohi who appeals to the best in us, is the right man for the job. 

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ACCEC Celebrates Black Candidates | Ladiescorner.ca

The two minute video has been seen thousands of times on Twitter alone. ACCEC’ s strategy is to promote the quality of life for African Canadians by addressing barriers in housing, immigration, human rights, community security, health, education, economic development, civic engagement, security, environment, quality social services  and expressions of art and culture.

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The Grill with Glynnis Lieb | LadiesCorner.ca

” I chose to run basically because municipal issues often get overlooked in the broader political conversations, yet they are the ones that impact us directly every day of our lives. If you want to have significant, immediate positive impact on Albertans, City Council is the place to be. Also I like the opportunity to run independently, rather than a part of a party. This allows me to be true to my values and priorities and earn votes based on who I am.”