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Ben Acquaye seeks NDP nomination in Edmonton-South West

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Ben is a parent, teacher and husband who has at his very heart, a passion for education. He is a first-generation immigrant originally from Ghana. LCCMedia sent him some questions and he sent his replies back.


Tell us a  little about Ben Acquaye

Ben is a parent, husband, and teacher who enjoys learning and teaching. He is also an immigrant to Canada having moved here from the United Kingdom. Ben is originally from Ghana and a proud Edmontonian having lived in Edmonton South-West for the past decade. He feels humbled to live in Treaty 6 territory and endeavours to act on the TRC calls to action in all he does. 

Why are you interested in seeking the NDP nomination for Edmonton-South West?

As a teacher, Ben is very concerned that the current government is keen to implement a K-6 draft curriculum that is opposed by parents, professionals, first nations communities, and the overwhelming majority of Albertans. Ben believes that a curriculum shouldn’t just prepare students for the current economic market but go beyond that to equip students with deeper knowledge and essential skills that include critical thinking.

As a post-secondary Teacher, Ben is very worried about the increasing costs of post-secondary. It is his firm belief that education is the single biggest determiner of upward social mobility for most people and especially, for minorities. That, making post-secondary more expensive puts it out of the reach of families and negatively affects households, communities, and the province for generations. His opposition to the current post-secondary policies is another why.

Today, Albertans pay more income tax, more property tax, more school fees, more tuition, more interest on student debt, more for utilities, and more for insurance than we did under Rachel Notley’s leadership. Ben is running because he believes his background in business and economics will inform stronger contributions under a Rachel Notley government. 

Folks in Edmonton South-West are overdue a hospital. Ben is keen to work with a government led by Rachel Notley to deliver on this promise. 


What unique qualities are you bringing to the table?

Ben stands out because he is a relationship builder. His experiences living and working in multiple countries show the ease with which he adapts to cultures and people. He has the most practical experience in the fields of education, renewable energy, business, and working with racialized Canadians. Ben is a distinguished toastmaster who uses his skills to help high school students and community members to become better public speakers and presenters. 


This race is very polarised, what would you do to bring maturity to the race? 

Ben gets along with people very quickly because that’s what good teachers do. Like a good teacher, he is a consensus builder who leads by inspiring others to causes greater than themselves. Ben appreciates other contestants stepping up and contributing to the democratic process and is friends/acquaintances with all the contestants running in Edmonton South-West. Like most in the black community, Ben appreciates Kaycee Madu’s glass-ceiling-breaking efforts. Ben isn’t interested in attacking people but rather advancing sound research-informed-policies and supporting a Rachel Notley-led NDP to deliver good jobs, good public healthcare, good schools, and a diversified jobs economy.

Where can we find out more about you?

Ben is reachable by email:, phone: 1-825 459 7000, and Twitter @BenAcquayeNDP and on LinkedIn: Ben Acquaye.

How can people support you?

Donations by e-transfer to 


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