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Ali Kamal seeks Alberta NDP nomination in Edmonton-South West

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We reached out to Mr. Ali Kamal yesterday with a set of questions. We also spoke briefly over the phone. Mr. Kamal sent us these responses and his photos. Other candidates seeking the nomination include Nathan Ip, Chand Gul and Ben Acquaye.

Ali Kamal is a well-known community and social worker originally from Pakistan.
A business graduate from the University of Lethbridge, business owner, and soccer lover (NCCP Certified Coach), he comes across as highly qualified to seek the nomination.
He has ‘been with the NDP since 2015 and worked extensively with Richard Freeman who asked him to consider running in Edmonton-South West.’
Ali has had the privilege of running the biggest community-based soccer tournament (the Duggan Mother’s Day Tournament) in Canada for the last 15 years. He has been part of the Edmonton Sports Council, Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA), Harry Ainlay Music Parent Association.
He was President of Duggan Community League for ten years, Treasurer of the Alberta Association of Clinic Managers.
He is the Vice President of Duggan Soccer Club. Here is a video that describes the impact of his work.
He seeks the nomination of Alberta NDP for Edmonton-South West.

He has extensive experience working as a volunteer and managing non-profit organizations like the community league, Albert Association of Clinic Managers, Parent association, SWEMSA (Southwest Edmonton Minor Soccer Association). On top of that, he has been running Shifa Medical Clinic since 2014.
On showing maturity in the run-up to the nomination?
“I do not see this as a polarized race. I have worked with Nathan, and it will be interesting to go head to head with Nathan. I do not know the other two candidates, so I can not comment. Whoever wins must get support from the other candidates as we are running for the NDP, not for ourselves.
Where can we find out more?
I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I have a very public profile, and it’s an open book.
How can voters support you?
To support, voters must register with the NDP first and then come out to vote, hopefully for me 🙂

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