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Nathan Ip seeks nomination for Edmonton-South West. He is also EPSB Vice Chair Trustee.

Nathan Ip Seeks NDP Nomination in Edmonton-South West

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At a well-attended media event today amongst friends and family, three-term Edmonton Public School Board trustee Nathan Ip announced that he would be seeking the NDP nomination in Edmonton-South West. Ip argued that he was the only one with a “proven track record to defeat incumbent Kaycee Madu and the UCP”.

Born into an immigrant household, Ip understands the challenges faced by immigrants.  He has used the ‘opportunities afforded to him by the community, and he is encouraged by the ‘promise of Alberta.’

Why is Nathan Ip in the race?

Running on a platform that prioritizes funding in education and the regressive draft curriculum, underfunding in healthcare, rising costs for families, Ip has worked in mental health, innovation and community leadership for over 20 years. He understands what it means to fight for families.

Ip’s announcement appeared popular on social media; his announcement had garnered close to 500 likes on Twitter at the time of this report.

Nomination contests are about selling memberships:👉

How you can help

1. Find five friends, family or neighbours in Edmonton-South West and get them to buy a $10 NDP Membership 

2. Spread the word on social media by sharing my tweets and Facebook posts.

3. Chip in $25 to help me secure this nomination and eventually defeat Kaycee Madu.

Want to meet Nathan?  Schedule a chat here!


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